To cater for your specific Business needs, A2Z offer wide range of services including Domestic Business services

  • Package Collection Service

A convenient solution for collecting packages from your suppliers and delivering them to your door-step as per the domestic shipping rates.

  • Cash on Delivery Service

This service combines two advantages in one: delivery of your products to your customers and a convenient and reliable payment method in which A2Z collects the value of the sold goods upon delivery and delivers the collected amount back to you through weekly CASH/CHECK payments.

  • Return Service

Send items and receive them back at your doorstep, ideal solution for getting documents signed or sending products that require repair and return.

  • Packing Services

We specialize in accessing the right type of packaging for any item and using all other resources available to protect your shipment.

-A2z Delivery Services gives customers more – a great deal more – choice and convenience.-
Items when you want them. Where you want them. In as fast as an hour.